House Guards property protection service is unique – How?

A constant visual deterrent


We only provide Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed professional security guards.  They occupy your vacant property by utilising self contained mobile accommodation outside of the property itself.  This eliminates the need for live in security guards and the costs associated with occupation of a vacant property.

We provide a resident manned security service ensuring a constant visual deterrent with no delays in responding to incidents.  This service is at a lower cost than traditional patrolling security services.

Many of our security guards and leadership team are ex services personnel, providing trained credible and trustworthy protection for your property.

During the winter months we can ensure that your building services remain fully functional against the elements or severe weather conditions.

We will carry out regular inspections of your site and report our findings back to our 24 hour central response centre or direct to our clients to ensure an immediate response.

Whatever your needs – we will ensure that your property is fully maintained and protected to the highest standard.