Combination Door Lock – Door thickness 40mm-65mm

£66.66 + VAT

  • easy to fit with basic DIY knowledge
  • up to 7 digit combination code can be set
  • has key override if you forget your code
  • 2 keys supplied
  • suitable for wooden framed doors or gates 40mm – 65mm thick

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Push Button Coded Combination Door Lock – for Doors or Gates 40mm-65mm thick

Every door needs one…..Combination Door Lock – with key override

Do away with that big bunch of keys in your pocket that can so easily be lost – this is the answer.  Every door that needs a lock needs one of these!  COMBINATION DOOR LOCK – Access control without the hassle of keys for doors 40mm-65mm** thick.  We also supply a Combination Door Lock for doors or gates 65mm-80mm thick.

RRP of these locks is £124.99

House Guard Security’s UK price is only £66.66 + VAT (standard combination door lock with key override)*

This is a very sturdy, precision manufactured combination door lock.  It is suitable for any WOODEN framed door 40mm-65mm** thick.  Other models are available for thinner doors or even glass panel doors.  Most locks of this type can only work on doors up to 65mm thick.  However, we have two versions of the lock, one of which will fit thicker doors.  When ordering your security code lock remember to select the right size for your door thickness.

Added security for internal or external doors, the correct combination has to be input on the key pad before the lock will open, with the option of a key override.

With 13 different numbers and letters on the keypad, there are many thousands of possible code combinations.  It’s also useful to have the backup of the key override (2 keys supplied).

These locks are commonly used in Banks, Building Societies, Health Services, Sport Centres, Golf Clubs, Pubs and Restaurants, Offices, Nurseries, Houses, Garages or almost any** door you wish to protect.

**NB – these locks will NOT fit on UPVC doors!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 13 × 9 cm


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