Combination Padlock – Silver finish (Coded 4 digit)

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  • 1,000’s of possible code combinations
  • Hardened 8mm steel shackle to resist sawing
  • 3,500 lb pull rating
  • For internal or external use
  • Rust resistant non-ferrous internal parts
  • Code can be changed at any time by using the key
  • More convenient than a normal key lock – no keys to lose
  • 4 digit combination that you can change with the supplied key (note – this can only be changed when the padlock is open, to prevent unauthorised code changes – this key does not open the padlock when locked)
  • Dimensions:  75mm x 50mm x 25mm
  • Weight:  220g

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Strong combination padlock in polished silver finish with black plastic protective jacket.  Perfect for gates, internal doors, etc.  Minimal maintenance required

This strong combination padlock also comes in a polished brass finish (limited stock).  They are not intended to be a substitute for an electronic alarm or CCTV system.  However, they are perfect for areas where an additional level of security is desirable.  They are ideal for gates in perimeter fences or interior doors.  They can be used in residential or commercial properties.  These padlocks are designed to be virtually maintenance free.


A combination padlock which is not only exceedingly difficult for potential intruders to crack, they are also very convenient.  With this type of lock, never again will you have to worry about losing your keys.  Simply spin the wheels to your unique code that you have already set in the lock and you can open it straight away.  The only time you will ever need to use the key is if you should wish to change your code.  There is no need to carry the key around with you every day.  Simply store it in a safe location until it is needed. (NB – this ‘key’ will not open the padlock, it is ONLY for changing the code when the combination padlock is open).


If looked after correctly these padlocks will give years of trouble-free service.  It is necessary to lubricate before use and lubricate/clean at regular intervals during use.  WD40 is not recommended.  We recommend using 3-in-1 oil, gun oil or silicone spray.  Full instructions will be included with your purchase.


Additional information

Weight .240 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 cm

1 review for Combination Padlock – Silver finish (Coded 4 digit)

  1. Sarah

    This is our best-selling combination padlock. Highly recommended.

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